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How to make YouTube short video by creator : YouTube India

YouTube Shorts has recently been launched by YouTube. But this service has been launched only in India as Beta Version. You will get to see many new features in it. At the same time, one thing that was on my mind was that despite YouTube being a video platform, why YouTube started short format videos.

If you also want to know why YouTube Shorts have been created, then you must read this article completely. Here I have told about some similar reasons due to which YouTube Shorts have been created. Then without delay let’s start and know what is the reason behind making YouTube shorts.

YouTube Shorts is a different type of service that has recently been implemented by YouTube in its platform. One way in which creator can express himself in just 15 seconds or less, the main reason behind making it is that in today’s time, the demand for Short Format Videos is the highest, so maybe YouTube too Through this, we have tried to fulfill this need.

How to make videos in YouTube Shorts

Now let us know which of the three main areas have been made by the makers of Shorts App:


You will see Creation at the root of any Short Form Video. Whereas YouTube wants to make it even easier as well as funny. So that more creators are interested in making shorts. Initially, only a few new tools have been given access to beta verison by creators and artists of India only:

  1. In this you will get a multi-segment camera from which you can add multiple video clips together.
  2. ii) At the same time, you also get a very large library to record your music, which is going to increase a lot in the coming time.
  3. iii) You also get the facility of Speed ​​controls, which gives you flexibility to make your performance more creative.
  4. hands-free.
  5. Right now Shorts is only available in the Android platform but soon you will get to see it in the iOS platform itself and with even better features.

2. Get Discovered

  • A Statistics has revealed that every month about 2 billion viewers come to YouTube platform to laugh, to learn and to connect with others.
  • There are many creators who have built a whole business on YouTube, and now YouTube wants the next generation of mobile creators to grow a similar community through Shorts on YouTube.
  • They want more and more mobile creator or artist with shorts attached and upload their new and old short videos to YouTube, so that they will come in the eyes of more and more people.

3. Watch

  • People always have a desire to see new things. In such a situation, YouTube has also kept this desire of people in mind through Shorts. Now in your YouTube App, you will be seeing a new row of short videos in the Homepage.
  • This will give you a new experience to watch these short videos. You can also watch new videos by swipe them vertically. Also, in the coming time you can get to see many more attractive features.
  • If you want to know about such new technology updates, then definitely follow us and bookmark our blog as well so that you can get information about our new posts in the coming time.

what did you learn today

  • I hope you have liked this article why you have created YouTube shorts. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about how YouTube Shorts Work in Hindi to the readers, so that they do not have to search in any other sites or internet with reference to that article.
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