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What is google and when did google blog become

Many people have a question in their mind, who is the owner of Google, which country does Google belong to? In today’s time, even a small child knows what Google is. Google has become an important part of all of our lives.

Google was started as a private company in 1998, that is, almost 23 years before today and since then Google has ruled the web world ie Internet, remained number one and is still today. . And its journey has been even better, but now no other company can compete with Google.

When we have learned so much about Google, now we talk about who is the owner of Google, then the answer is very simple that it is not a single owner but there are many shareholders. Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two students of Stanford University’s PHD.

In 2015, Google created a parent company named Alphabet Inc and has put all its projects in this parent company. Now, all decisions related to Google will be made according to Alphabet Inc.

Google was incorporated as a privately held company on 4 September 1998. Google’s first public service was launched on August 19 2004. Public service means that when a company makes its stock available to the public for the first time, it is called an IPO or public service.

The real purpose of Google was to have a platform where the knowledge of the whole world is organized and benefit people with every knowledge. Google is a free service so it does not have a single owner but has many share holders. And do not charge any fee for using it

In recent times, two classes of shares have been created in Google, the shareholders of A and C, A Class have the right to vote while the shareholders of C Class do not have the right to vote.

There are some people who have been placed in Class B and these people have 10 votes but they cannot trend in the market. Now we will know who has many shares in Google.

Larry Page is the CEO of Alphabet Inc. and holds the largest share. Larry Page holds a total of 20 million C class shares of Alphabet and 19.9 million shares of A class as well.

Larry Page held most of the responsibilities after Sundar Pichai became CEO in 2015. Larry Page is the richest person in America and had assets of about $ 50.6 billion in 2018.

Sergei Brin has assets of around 49.9 billion-dollar. He is the President of Alphabet and holds 19.3 million shares of C Class as well as 18400 Seer of A Class.

What does google see

Google is based in the United States, from 2006 to present-day Google is headquartered in Mountain View California, Mountain View in a city in the Bay Area of ​​San Francisco, in a place in Northern California. Mountain View is the headquarters of many large companies including Google as well as the Mozilla Foundation Symantec. Google’s leading person in India is Sundar Pichai.

He was born on 10 June 1972 and is a US businessman. Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Alphabet Company and is also the CEO of its subsidiary Google LLC. Later, Larry Page made Sundar Pichai the CEO of a company called Google Search.

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