What is DNS | Domain Name Server? How does it work?

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What is DNS?

DNS is the Internet’s phonebook. The Humans obtain The information’s online through The domain name such as a akdoogle.com or jisoftwaresolution.com. Web browser interact through the Internet Protocols (IP) addresses. DNS translate the domain name into a IP addresses that the browsers can be load the Internet resources.

All The computers on the Internet, from your smart phone or laptop to servers that serve content for mass retail websites, search & communicate with the each other using number. These number are known as a IP addresses. When you open the web browser & go to the website, you do not need to remember and enter a long IP. you can Put The domain name like akdoogle.com.

A DNS service is a globally distributed service that translates human readable names such as www.example.com to a numeric IP address of that computers use to connect to each other. The DNS system work like a phone book by manage the mapping between name & the number. DNS server translate the request for name into the IP address, controlling which the server will arriving when they type of the domain name into their a web browser. These request are called the queries.

To Each devices connected to the Internet has a specific IP addresses that the other machines using to find the devices. DNS server eliminate the humans’ need to be remember the (in IPv4), or more the complex new alphanumeric IP address such as a 2300: ce00: 2038: 1 :: d639: e7a2 (in IPv6).

To The DNS is a protocols of the standard set that the determines how the data will be exchange on the Internet & other private networks, known as a TCP / IP protocols suite.

To URL of The any websites is like a “google.com”, but in a reality every domain name behind this URL is assigned an IP addresses.

What is web address? How does the URL work?
It is a basic function’s is the Internet Protocols addresses of any user-friendly domain name such as a “google.com” and it is used by computer to identifying each other on the network. The Computer & other network devices on the Internet route of the request you have given using an IP addresses to open the website. This is exactly same way you called your mobile phone by dial the phone number But because of DNS, you do not have to remember the IP addresses of each website. You just have to remember the name of that website.

when you type the name of that website in your web browser, you are connected to the Domain Name Server (DNS), which manage a huge in database, in which each domain name is assigned it IP address. Are mapping to The DNS server matches the domain name with the corresponding IP Addresses. When you enter the domain name in your web browser, your computer contact your current DNS server and ask how the IP address is connected to the domain name. Your computer then connect to the IP addresses and open the web site .

Domain Names and IP Addresses

Domain Names are the addresses of web sites that we can remember and use every day. Like a google domain name is a “www.google.com” & you have go to the google, then you type “www.google.com” in the address bar of the browser. To your computer does not understand the where “www.google.com” is. Since the Internet and every single other system utilize numerical IP addresses, for example, this IP address is for google.com.

How DNS work?

The Internet user visit a domain such as a akdoogle.com, To your computer or smart device follow several steps that can convert human-redeemable web address into a machine-redeemable IP address.

To Whether you are The accessing the website or sending an e-mail, your computer uses a DNS server to look up the domain name you use. This process is called DNS Name Resolution’s.


DNS Steps:
enter “www.google.com” domain in the web browser . client should know its IP , Your browser will send this query to computer operating system. the OS is configure to query DNS server. your network or ISP (Internet Service Provider) administrator configured a DNS server called a Resolving Name Server.

The person who resolves this name server is not aware of the location of google.com, but he knows where the root server is.Next, the Resolving Name Server search as the location’s of the top-level domain name server and send a query to “www.google.com”. Each the domain on the Internet has an official name server. Finally, official name server (NS) will give you the exact IP addresses of “www.google.com”. This the information’s will be returned to the Resolving Name Server, which caches this information’s and send the anchor to the browser’s.

The final result you can see the home page of Google search engine.

More information on DNS server:

there are two DNS servers, one primary and one secondary server. These are The automatically configure when connecting to the your ISP (Internet Service Provider) on your router & / or computer via DHCP . You can configured 2 DNS server, one of which fails when the other server is used. Some DNS server have faster accessing times than other’s, but it depends entirely on how to long it take on your device to accessing the DNS server.

you are the experiencing of the network related issues where it seems that no website are loading, then it is likely that is the problem with the DNS server. If the DNS server is not able to find the correct IP addresses of the host name you enter, the website will not load.

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