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What Is Sixth Sense Technology, All About Sixth Sense Technology, Intro


The sixth sense technology can be defined an Extra Sensory Perception that aims at a more developed future with both the physical and the digital world connected without the help of hardware devices. In other words, sixth sense technology aims at making technology wearable.

Steve Mann the father of sixth sense technology was the first to incorporate the technology with a wearable computer in 1990. The sixth sense technology was first implemented as a neck worn projector plus camera system. The technology was further enhanced and developed by Pranav Mistry in 2009.


One fascinating thing about the sixth sense technology is that it provides us with the freedom of interacting with the digital world using had gestures. It helps bringing intangible, digital information into the tangible world, allowing us to interact with this information via natural hands.

This technology is highly in relation with today’s artificial intelligence and has wide applications in the same field. This relationship will aid in the synthesis of bots that will be able to interact with humans. Other technologies with which sixth sense is collaborated are augmented reality, gesture recognition, computer vision and radio frequency identification.


The sixth sense technology is slightly varied and unique when compared to other technologies, as a matter of fact, that it aims to make a technology wearable in human beings. It becomes important to know about the components that contribute to the technology. The sixth sense technology device can be built using camera, projector, mirror, mobile components.


Sixth sense technology involves technologies like hand gesture recognition, image capturing, processing and manipulation. Here, an object in view is captured by the camera and sent to the webcam for further processing. With the help of internal markers, the gestures are identified precisely.

The software program analyses the video data caught by the camera and also tracks it down. The software typically recognizes three kind of gestures.

  • Multi-touch gestures
  • Freehand gestures
  • Iconic gestures

Fascinating applications of sixth sense technology

Photo capture with fingers – Would it sound like an exaggeration if we say it is possible to capture photos with fingers? Definitely not with the sixth sense technology. Here the user uses his fingers aligned in a box shape which acts as a frame to capture photos.

Palm dialer – This technology allows the user to make a call without a physical dialer. The dial pad will be projected on the palm through which a call can be made.

Hand clock – Here, the user is only required to draw the same of the clock on the hand, and the watch will get projected on the user’s hand.

Access anywhere internet – By this technology, a user can access the internet on any area – on a wall, on a blank screen or even on the palm.

The sixth sense technology has many more seamless applications. If this technology is employed on a large scale, it is true that some of the existing devices and technologies will be discontinued. But, one sure thing is that, a new chapter in the history of science and technology will definitely be created will the expansion of the technology.

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