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Introduction to PHP, What is PHP And Why We Need This?

Welcome to our first PHP class. In this we will discuss about the php, it is considered as the hottest topic on the internet. Today we will go through the Introduction To PHP, Its Benefits and Why we need this in making a site. It is a web development language and help web developers to make dynamic websites. Any  how lets go and start with a sequence…!

What Is PHP, Introduction To PHP?

PHP stands for hypertext preprocessorIt is a server side scripting language and also known as personal homepage. It is very dynamic language and help the web developers to create dynamic websites. It is not so difficult to learn. Stay with us and you will learn it in a less time. It is written in any text editor software and to access it we need a server and database, which is Apache and MySQL. It is saved as .php in the text editor program. Basic structure of PHP…

<?php This is starting tag

echo “This tag is used to show you content on page”
?> This is closing tag

Why PHP Is Necessary In A Website?

It is necessary to use PHP if you want to create a dynamic website. It can store a heavy amount of data in sorted form on its server. Where it is very difficult to store heavy amount of data in HTML site. It can create dynamic website in all ways which you want. You can see live examples of PHP sites. Facebook, OLX, Twitter and Skype etc.. You can learn it if you have a little bit knowledge about HTML and Java. It uses to create search engines, Computer Applications and other online apps. It is very valuable technology for web developers and web designers. Today all web developers trying to use PHP instead of other languages.

What should You know to start learning PHP?

  • A little bit knowledge about HTML and its tags.
  • A little bit about Java Script if you not know, its no problem.
  • Some thing about basics of internet, it is very common.

Software You Will Need

  • A Internet Connection.
  • XAMPP or WAMP Package.. Download Here
  • A text editor software. I recommend Dreamweaver or Notepad++
  • And little bit typing skill.

How And Where To Use PHP?

PHP is a type of language which will not show its response if you will use it in a wrong way. You have to use this language with a great attention with out any mistake and error. There is no barrier or limitations for you to use this language. You can use it any where in HTML head tags, in body tags or in head tags. But the only this is to use this with attention and care. It will show its response quickly. You can use PHP in a different file which will be saved as .php at the end. And for what purpose you use it, it will be complete your purpose if there will not be any mistake. And the last thing is that if you are creating a HTML website you can use it in that website to show that dynamic and beautiful. Stay tuned..

At the End..

This was only a small introduction to PHP, Its uses and Its requirements. We will meet in the next tutorials and I hope you had enjoyed this topic If you have any question about this topic, feel free to ask in comment box I will answer you. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and Remember me in your prayers..

Hello friends, I am AIYUB KHAN and I am Technical Auther & Co Founder of Akdoogle And if I talk about education, I am a Post Graduate Engineer. I love learning and researching new technology and telling and teaching others about them. If you continue to support me in this way, then I will continue to bring such new things to you. Such as Internet, Computer, Technology, Development, Seo Etc ... #We Are Experts!



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