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How to Write Perfect Post For Blog Or Websites

Each, if not all business, should have a blog.

Blogs help you create as well as generate more sales and customers, not necessarily by itself, but also by administering the social media presence for the reason of sharing your own content on channels on the social media, which is an outright necessity.

Strategies involved in Social Medias are usually effective when blogging becomes an important part of them.

Blogs that are well written can also help one build a good email list, which is very important in driving the sales up, as it gives the readers a hint of what to anticipate once they subscribe.

Blogging requires certain skills so as to share thoughts with the other readers as well as record them. Depending on your interests, as well as passion, you can choose to write on a wide variety of topics such as fitness, parenting, cooking or even art among other topics.

There are however a few tips on how to do write the perfect blog post depending on the following types of blogs:

  • The How-To Post
  • The List-Based Post
  • The Curated Collection Post
  • The Slide Share Presentation Post
  • The News jacking Post

1. Generate your Idea

Ideas should be quit unique in the market. You should be able to base the post on the reader’s feedback, a well-known problem in the competition analysis as well as in the industry at large.

Research should be done at the front page of Google as well as one’s main competitors at this stage to see how to improve on what’s out there.

Some of the best sites used by many to generate the best ideas when it comes to writing the best blog post:

2. Develop a Headline

Address the problems in the headline using fear, scarcity or intriguing questions.

Keep the headline under 65 characters long and ensure that the SEO key phrase is in the title.

Frequently refer back to the headline as you write and use websites as guides for the headline generation:

3. Write an Introduction

To attract a lot of traffic to your blog, you have to often post articles that are very catchy as well as interesting.

The appearance of the blog and the content in it doesn’t really matter, what really matters however, is the niche that you have chosen to specialize in.

By being creative, using interesting posts as well as other multimedia’s, you can attract a lot of readers.

It is vital to put in mind that the first line of the post should re-address the problem, the headline as well as the key phrase.

The rest of introduction is then aimed at drawing an eye down towards the main points.

A simple guide to a perfect intro can be summarized by;

  • An effective intro image relevant to the article
  • Make your intro clear and to the point
  • Sharing probable common views
  • Keeping it conversational
  • Start with a quote

4. List Out The Main Points

One should rattle out the main points of the blog post so that the bloggers can see the shape of the article and what is going to be covered.

This helps to avoid omissions and double-ups thus keeping your readers on the hook and on your blog.

5. Link Different Sites or Blogs

At this particular point, open up dozens of tabs that relate to the research, competition, as well as the topics that will be covered. Then link to them as you re-read the information as well as improve on it.

It is good and very advisable to link different sites and blogs to your blog because as it will show and appreciate your fellow bloggers or website owners.

6. Add Some Bonus Material

It is one of the key elements to add some extra paragraphs, quotes, tips, videos, click to tweets, photos, and references among many other things in order to take the core content to the next level.

This may take the article up another few hundred or a thousand words. You should also try to link to influencers who have written extensively well on the same topic and make sure that there are links to your own posts extensively.

7. Don’t Quit on the Topic / Pose Some Questions

You should not quit on the topic, but rather leave room for discussions by posing questions at the end of the article so as to encourage a discussion.

It is a fact that questions tend to intensify the reader’s interest. Therefore, the key is to ask some questions that the reader cannot answer without getting any additional information.

8. Select The Main Photo

Spend quite a lot of time looking for a good photo for the blog post. It is vital to keep the size down but the quality high , making sure that the blog content and pictures are of the same size and format.

Standardize the photo dimension size across the posts and follow your theme default size for mobile devices responsive issues.

Below are some sites that provide royalty free and paid images:

Ways Of Ensuring Results For The Perfect Posts:

Once you have written your post, there are a few follow up things that you will want to take care of.

1. Emailing your lists

If your website have categories that people are subscribed to, then after each post you have to send them a notification of the new post by email. Taking into consideration peak times when there are a lot of people online, and follow a very simple template of plain text with one link to the post.

“You can monitor the open rates in your mailing campaigns and see when it is the best day and time to send the mailer”

Once a month, you can send a newsletter to all website subscribers that includes all posts so that if anyone is interested in different topic, they can see it and subscribe to that category.

Below are some companies that provide free/premium services:

2. Share on all your Social Media Channels

Spread the word by sharing your blog posts on all your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. which by themselves have their own peak time to be taken into consideration.

The below companies are the most used to manage social media channels:

3. Regular Tests

The perfect blog post will and can only be revealed through testing. you might hit a winner and go viral and never be able to repeat that success because they are not actually sure of what made the blog stick. Split testing titles, timing, formats, and lengths among many other things are all very valuable things to do.

4.Tweak Regularly Based On The Feedback

As a blogger, you can get some feedback from human as well as non-human sources. It is very crucial to keep these posts “alive” by tweaking them based on those things that you see and hear. For instance, if you noticed that there is something missing, it should be added in. Or, If Google Webmaster Tools tells you that the title is not getting a good CTR, then, it should be changed and monitored.


There are some topics that are very lame indeed and that cannot get you traffic which will in turn make you write the perfect blog post. It takes creativity to get amazing and catchy topics that will attract readers thus bringing in good traffic to your blog.

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