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How to recover disabled Facebook account 2021

Recover disabled fb accounts 2021 new trick

Hello friends, you are welcome once again to my website. Today I am going to tell you how you can recover any Disabled Facebook account.

Why Facebook disable accounts

So friends, first of all we will know why Facebook disables your account.

  1. When your account does not comply with Facebook’s terms, Facebook has disabled the accounts:
  2. Your account logs into unknown websites or various browsers.
  3. When you like and comment on a single profile or post more than your account.
  4. Or when you use any autoliker websites or applications for mass followers and likes.
  5. Posting contents that do not follow Facebook’s terms.
  6. Using a fake name.
  7. Accusing / impersonating someone – bullying.
  8. Continue behavior that is not allowed.
  9. By violating Facebook’s Community Standard.
  10. Facebook does not allow anyone to talk to others for the purpose of harassment, advertising, publicity, or other conduct.
  11. Your account may be disabled when you post inappropriate photos or videos.
  12. Sometimes account is disabled due to vulgar language comment on Facebook.

How to fix the problem / How to recover disable fb accounts

Friends, first you have to login to your disabled account. After logging in you will get some such message show.

“Your account has been disabled”. And below that, friends will show you the option of Let Us know or Request a Review. Then you have to click on whatever show you will do in both these options. After clicking, a new webpage will open, then you have to scroll down by visiting that new webpage. After scroll down, you will be asked to fill up the form below, then you have to fill up the form.

To fill up the form, one must have a linked phone number or email of the disabled account. And friends, in the option of name and date of birth, you have to give the same name which will be saved in your account already, and you have to give the date of birth also with your Facebook account.

After that, you will be asked to upload a Government Id Proof Card. So friends can upload their school identity card or you can also submit your Aadhaar card or PAN card.

Friends, if your account was accidentally disabled, then it will be open within 24 hrs. Otherwise you will have to wait until you receive a reply email from the facebook security team.

Alternative methods for fast recovery

Friends, these steps I am telling you all must follow.

After filling the above form, you have to open my given link. And friends, I tell you that sometimes you will not have the option to let us know or request a review. So you do not have to follow the above steps. All you have to do is login your disable account and open my given link. After opening, friends will be asked to fill up the form there and after that you will also be asked to upload a government id proof card. So you have to do everything and click on submit wale option or continue option.

You have to do the same by visiting all the links given by me. By doing this your facebook account will recover / open shortly.

Open all given URL one by one

Submit a form

Report a login issues

Again submit from this link 

Disabled Account form 

Temporary blocked or disabled accounts open  

Disabled Ineligible

You can also try by sending email to facebook by asking why my account has been disabled and sending real identity proof. Send email here


  1. Don’t send fake proof id card if you have already valid government card with same name and date of birth as you used on your facebook account.
  2. Send fake identity card if you don’t have real or valid card / or your name and date of birth is different in Facebook account
  3. Never Accept your mistakes
  4. Write a message like that you are requesting and your accounts is very important to you in a very respective manner.
  5. Don’t submit the form continuously from same links – URL or website
  6. Wait at least for 24 hours- 48 hours

If you have any questions or problems regarding this you can directly contact with me on Contact Form page or you can directly message me on my Social media accounts which already I have mentioned below

If you like this then please drop a comment

Thank you friends

Hello friends, I am AIYUB KHAN and I am Technical Auther & Co Founder of Akdoogle And if I talk about education, I am a Post Graduate Engineer. I love learning and researching new technology and telling and teaching others about them. If you continue to support me in this way, then I will continue to bring such new things to you. Such as Internet, Computer, Technology, Development, Seo Etc ... #We Are Experts!


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