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How to Control / Handle Android Phone from PC or Laptop

Android Device has many inbuilt features which made it to stand top in the market. Beside some inbuilt features there are many other features provided by third party applications. Recently I came across an App for Android, which lets you to Control Android Phone from PC or Laptop. I really found that application Interesting and have started exploring the features & uses of using that. In this article I am going to share about an android app Which is designed to control Android devices from Windows PC or Laptop.

App for Android Phone:

Airdroid Application has many interesting features of course they’re are some limitations. Airdroid is one of the best android application which makes your task of controlling android phone from Desktop easy. Controlling here means you can send / Receive SMS or access files in your android phone without touching it physically. Just you have to install Airdroid app on your Android phone and rest of the work (underlying process would be done by airdroid)

There are many applications launched in the market before and after Airdroid but till date Airdroid tops the list.

Let’s see the features of Airdroid Application

1)As i have already mentioned you can send & receive SMS from your PC
2)You can access (transfer files) from your PC

But the only limitation here is both your PC & Desktop must have internet connection. As the transfer or controlling of your android phone would be done by using the internet Data. There are many uses of adapting this feature as it can reduce some physical work on you.(Physical work means no need to move near to your android phone to access it). One drawback with this feature is “Airdroid app uses the wifi or internet connection as medium in accessing android phone”. So obviously the performance will be some what slow. In serious issues you cannot rely on Airdroid app in accessing your phone. Lets see the procedure on how to use airdroid application in using desktop as remote to handle android phone.

Control Android Phone from PC or Laptop With Airdroid

First Get  Airdroid Application on you device

Now install  Airdroid app on your Device. Make sure to check whether the installation is successful or not before trying to access the phone from Windows PC. Click on the Start Button. [Now you can see a web address and “Ip Address” on your Airdroid app] Just write it down or take a screen shot for further use.

Now From your PC Browser ,visit “web.airdroid.com” [or enter the Ip address [from the above step] in the address bar of your browser].

Now you have to verify the device by entering 6 letter pass code or
by scanning the QR code.

Successfully Verifying the device gives permission to Desktop or laptop
to access android phone.

Now you can access the data in your Android Device from the PC
without having any physical stress.

Very Simple Right ….

Try the above mentioned procedure at your home. If you guys find any
hurdle in connecting Desktop to your android device, please do let us

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