Hide Whatsapp Images And Videos In Gallery.

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The WhatsApp Messenger is the most famous & addicted application even today. Because it is including the many feature’s like chatting, calling , files sharing & privacy options. And there is a always some new updates in it. Image’s & video’s are shared much more in a WhatsApp.

But these image’s & video’s of WhatsApp are visible in the mobile phone’s gallery application. Because the Gallery app on the Android phone is a bit aggressive in the scan all the photo’s & video’s of your mobile phone’s external & internal memory.

But for the some user’s, it become’s a problem. These image’s appear on the Android mobile phone’s with regular image’s in the Galley, causing confusions. Other problem is that some user’s don’t like to show these image’s & video’s of the WhatsApp to other’s.

Now most of the user’s don’t like interfering in a privacy. also, we don’t need anybody to attack our protection. right? So what we can do, we locked it.

But if you locked WhatsApp using an application like a AppLock, image’s & video’s of WhatsApp are still visible in the gallery. Of course, you can also locked the gallery, but it is the inconvenient.

what can we do?

Do not you want any of your WhatsApp photo’s to appear automatic in the gallery? Or is there a directory in your mobilephone whose photo’s you want to keep the private?

If Yes So In these post for you because in this post we are going to show you how to preventing the whatsapp photo’s from being to displaying in the mobile phone gallery app.

Instead of the locking Gallery or WhatsApp this trick allows you to hide image’s & video’s of WhatsApp media folder’s, &the good news is, you don’t needed to any third party application for this. All you needed to do is create a files in this folder.

Let us see how to do this.

How To Hide The WhatsApp Image’s In a Gallery:
First Step, you will needed the file manager application to accessing the WhatsApp directory. If your Android does not have a file manager, to download it ES File Explorer it is the best file manager App.

1) Now open the ES File Explorer or other file explorer install in your Android mobile.

2) To accessing the WhatsApp Image’s folder, to go the Internal Memory -> WhatsApp -> Media -> WhatsApp Image’s.


3) In this folder you have to create a file name .nomedia. For this –

a) To Tap on the three dot’s in the top right the corner.

b) To Tap on the + New options.


c) now Select the file options.


d) Now Enter this filename .nomedia and Click Ok.

5) A file name is “.nomedia” will be create in the WhatsApp Image’s folder, which will be the hidden & you will not see it.

6) After following the these step’s, open the Gallery application on your mobile. Now you can not see a single images of the WhatsApp.

How To Hide WhatsApp Video’s In the Gallery:
Like photo’s, the video’s on the WhatsApp also showing the gallery application. The process of the downloading WhatsApp video’s is to be similar that used to hide the WhatsApp photo’s in the gallery.

For this, created the .nomedia file in the WhatsApp Videos folder.

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How Do You Bring The Back Photo’s & Video’s In the Gallery?
f you want to see these photo’s & video’s of the WhatsApp again in a Gallery, then you have to deleted the .nomedia file created in the above step’s.


However, this file not visible to you, for this you have to go to Settings ofb the your File Explorer & select to the ‘Show hidden file’s’ options.

With this stunt you can forestalled the picture’s and video’s of any organizer in your android

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