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How To Get High Quality Dofollow Backlinks To Your Blog 2020

Whenever it comes with SEO I love to talk about this, we divided the SEO into to On Page and Off Page. Off page SEO mostly contains the backlinks and the social shares, to get more visitors it is important to get high quality dofollow backlinksQuality Dofollow Link building is the most irritating job for bloggers and webmasters.

Today in this post I am going to share the best ways to get high quality dofollow backlinks, I already published a huge list of dofollow forum list to make free backlinks to your blog, but today I think that there must be other ways of building quality backlinks other then dofollow forums. Getting traffic to a new blog is really hard, until you not have a strong off page SEO.

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To build Quality Back Links to a website is quite difficult but it will become easier when you use and apply some tricks which we will discuss in this article. Every Blogger want to become a professional and best ever, as there is no one before. Back Links helps your content to remain on the top of search engines, and you can get huge traffic. They make your post position stable in search engines, anyhow lets start discussing about Get High Quality Dofollow Backlinks.

Best ways Get High Quality Dofollow Backlinks To Your Blog

Below I will share the best and reliable ways to get quality backlinks to your blog or any of your website. There are other hundreds of ways described on the internet but I will cover all of them and give you new ideas.

1. Guest posting on popular blogs

You can make thousands of quality dofollow backlinks to your posts by just doing guest blogging. Guest blogging means to go and post on someone’s blog as a guest author. You can get so many backlinks by guest blogging, it depends on the quantity of posts you write on other blogs.

But keep in mind that you must have to do a effective guest blogging so that your posts got popular and peoples get interested in the author of the posts and as well in your site. In this way you can also get traffic to your blog.

2. Link exchange

This is not so popular method of link building but works a lot, some webmasters says that Google penalize the blogs that exchange links. It is not true, if you will exchange links in a natural and organic manner then any search engine will never penalize you and will give priority to those backlinks.

Search engine penalize those sites who buy links from other site or buy a bulk of links, please never buy any link from any company this will ruin all your SEO.

3. Forum linking

This is another popular and reliable method to get high quality dofollow backlinks to your blog. You can add your site links as your forum signature and whenever you will post on a thread or start a new thread your signature with your blog links will go with that post. In this way you will get dofollow backlinks on each reply or post.

There are lot of forums that allow you to add link in signatures, but I use the two best forums that give dofollow backlinks to theirs users via signature.


These forums will give you 100% high quality dofollow backlinks via signature. Advantage of signature backlinks is that you will get backlinks on each post or reply even you will don’t add any link to post but your signature will go with that and this you can Get High Quality Dofollow Backlinks.

4. Use popular social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites also give dofollow backlinks to website and blogs, it depends upon on your usage that how much links can you made from the social sites to your blog.

There are lot of bookmarking site’s that give dofollow backlinks, one of the popular is this give you 100% dofollow backlinks on each share, you can directly share your links in any subreddits that relate to your that post.

The other one is this also allows you to build dofollow backlinks to your blog. Just go and and register but keep in mind they block accounts with no reason so first earn some reputation with your account then start sharing your links.

And the last one is the http://scoop.itthis is also a very popular social site and give 100% dofollow backlink to its users. You just have to register a account and then create a topic for your blog and start sharing links of your posts and websites. These three site can be your basic backlinks generators and you can earn good ranking by Get High Quality Dofollow Backlinks to your site.

5. By dofollow commenting

I have some untold and best tips for you to build dofollow backlinks by commenting on other popular blogs. If you want to build high quality dofollow backlinks by blog commenting then you just have to follow my following tips.

If you listen or read anywhere that .gov and .edu sites give dofollow backlinks, so we will use these sites for commenting and to get dofollow backlinks. There is a website that will provide you a search of dofollow blogs for commenting, you just have to put your keywords and this will provide you the dofollow comment blogs.


This is a website where you simply have to put your keyword and select your category and this will give you the results of the blogs or website where you can comment and can get backlinks.


This is another website that allow you to find the forums that relates to your niche to build backlinks. And I will suggest you to find the .gov & .Edu blogs yourself that support dofollow backlinks, and comment on that blog to get backlinks.

6. Quality of your content matters

Your content quality really matter in backlinks, if you have unique and readable content on your blog that content which other blogger not have yet. Then other bloggers will link to you for the ease of their readers i.e to provide them the related content easily and fastly.

Every one like to link a high quality content, it is hard to create quality content but you can make it easy, Keep researching and learning everyday and work with patience. I hope you got my point about this heading, always create quality content and try to write unique posts.

Bonus Tips :

Get Backlinks From YouTube : You can also get backlinks from YouTube, leave your links in ever video’s description that you upload. And for long lasting backlinks go to of your account and add your website and verify you will get a dofollow backlink.

Get Backlink From Pinterest : Go too your profile and add your website within a short biography and then verify your site by adding meta tag.

So, this was a long guide that how to get high quality dofollow backlinks. I hope now you will be making backlinks more easily then before.

Guys please share this post on social media with your friends if you like this, and if you want any help of ask a question then contact me or inbox me. And must give your feedback in comments.

Hello friends, I am AIYUB KHAN and I am Technical Auther & Co Founder of Akdoogle And if I talk about education, I am a Post Graduate Engineer. I love learning and researching new technology and telling and teaching others about them. If you continue to support me in this way, then I will continue to bring such new things to you. Such as Internet, Computer, Technology, Development, Seo Etc ... #We Are Experts!



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