Best Apps For Students of all Ages!

best apps for student.
Best Must Have Apps For Students of all Ages!

With so many apps out there, one is surely spoilt for choice. Be it limitless apps for shopping, cooking, managing finances or paying bills, the world of technology has something to offer anyone- be it an accountant, a manager or even a student. A students’ life is never easy with endless assignments and deadlines which is why putting the smartphone to good use becomes even more important. As a student, you’re not too high on finances which is why you can use shopclues coupons to get great deals on mobiles to help you through this intense phase of your life. 

Here are a few apps that will help every student better meet his study goals making education a lot more productive and intuitive:


This is a great app that helps students get access to tons of notes, documents and texts to help them better get access to the information they need for various assignments and presentations. This greatly saves time and you can also find papers form international writers which would be difficult to find in a conventional library. This makes Scribd your best friend throughout your student life.


This is a great app for those who are pursuing literature as it gives you a great analysis of characters, plots and themes that are recurrent in the storyline. Now whether you want to study about Brutus’s deterioration as a character or find out how Caesar’s hubris led to his downfall, you can find it all here on CliffsNotes .


This is a soul saver for those who struggle with mathematics and those sick of trying to find that missing value of “X”. Mathway is a great app that helps you step by step on your geometry, algebra and trigonometry problems and you can compare answers after feeding the main equation to check if you got it right. This is a great way to handle math without losing your mind. If you’re not good with numbers, just make use of ebay coupons to get great deals and discounts from Cashkaro which is already calculated and pay a great number on various phones that will help you solve tricky math problems.

iTunes U

This is a great app for Apple users who always dreamed of studying overseas or abroad as they get access to great lecture material and literature from top notch universities across the world. Be it MIT or Cambridge, this app has it all covered and now you can get access to amazing knowledge and information all through your iPhone or various Apple Dev


This is an amazing app for those who tend to bungle up test and submission dates. It’s something like Neville Longbottom’s remembral that reminds you about upcoming tests, assignment submissions and exam date sheet so that you’re never late again and save you from the wrath of Snape like teachers. Wish this was invented a few years back as children would grow up with less scolding from parents for missing out on test and assignment dates.


Most college students and kids in general have a copy of notes or important literature saved in soft copy on their phones or computers. Losing this precious information could be devastating to any student especially before exams. You can now carry a soft copy of all your data and important notes on the cloud through DropBox and have access to them wherever you are without having any worries.
These amazing apps surely simplify the life of students of all ages and its quite a marvel at how far technology has come!